Friday, April 19, 2013

Meat Quest!

Meat quest is my quest to try as many different kinds of meat as possible in my life.

During our time in Africa with the hunting we were able to do, we tried quite a few kinds of unusual meats. Towards the end of our time, Jake and I got to discussing it and counted up the number. It was surprisingly many considering that the vast majority of meat anyone eats is either chicken, cow, or pig (only three!)
By now, it's a passion for Dad, jake and myself.

But Meat Quest is really about far more than eating meat. 

As I spent more time in Africa and came to love it more, I looked back and saw so many opportunities that I had passed up because I was perhaps too prejudiced or scared. For example, in India, we were riding along and passed a man riding his elephant to work. As we passed he shouted and asked if we wanted to ride it. At the time I was feeling very sick and extremely out of place. By the time our driver had translated we were slightly past anyway; I said no. 

I've never ridden an elephant. Now, turning that offer down would be unthinkable to me.

So it's not just about meat; it's about living life fully, seeing and tasting as much of this beautiful world as you can (whether you like it at the time or not)

And now, The List:

1. Beef
2. Pork
3. Chicken
4. Goat
5. Turkey
6. Duck
7. Goose
8. Elk
9. Mutton
10. Whitetail Deer
11. Caribou 
12. Thompson's Gazelle
13. Gerenuk
14. Grant's Gazelle
15. Wildebeest
16. Eland
17. Impala
18. Cape Buffalo
19. Hippo
20. Warthog
21. Francolin 
22. Largemouth Bass
23. Crappie
24. Catfish
25. Giant Trevally 
26. Red Snapper
27. Salmon
28. Shrimp
29. Crab
30. Lobster
32. Tuna
33. Clam
34. Prawn
35. Calamari
36. Bluefish 
37. Sailfish
38. Elephant
39. Grasshopper
40. Cod
41. Mussel
42. Rainbow Trout
43. Haddock
44. Cottontail Rabbit
45. Escargot 
46. Scallops
47. Tilapia
48. Frog
49. Pronghorn Antelope 
50. Grouper
51. Swai
52. Squirrel 
53. Bison
54. Pollock
55. Coon

That's it for now!
I really hope to make it to 100

Note: There was initially some discussion on the rules, but we settled on making a master list with only two rules that I can recall. 

1. If it has its own scientific name; it counts.
2. It must be prepared in some way (swallowing a fly doesn't count).

Stay Manly!


  1. Wow... your list is quite impressive. I hadn't ever seen it all laid out like that. And good observation about carpeing some diems and stuff.

    P.S. I can't stay manly. Sorry.

    Love you!

  2. aw man! i was counting flies on my list. :D